What are the Secrets People With Warm and Cozy Homes Know?

You spend a lot of time in your home, and the best way to make sure that it’s cozy is to make sure that it reflects YOUR tastes and styles. Fill your home with cozy things you love. Not only will you love coming home after a long day, but your guests will also feel comfy and right at home too.

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Have you ever walked into someone’s home and been struck by the fact that it was a true reflection of who they are? Or been in a house so cozy and comfortable that you wondered how they’d managed to pull it off?

The one décor secret all cozy homes share is that they reflect the people who live there. These homes are simply more inviting and make you want to sit and stay awhile.

Does your home reflect what you love?

Does your home feel cohesive and inviting?

If not, maybe it’s time to make some changes. You don’t need an interior designer to make your home cozy. You simply need to reflect on what you love and make sure to fill your home with only those things.

Your Décor Should Be a Reflection of the Things You Love

living room scene with throw pillows, blankets, a side table, lamp, and fall decor

The décor in your home should be a reflection of the things you love. 

Styles and color palates come and go, and there’s nothing wrong with changing things up when you find a trend you like. From farmhouse to shabby chic to mid-century modern, there’s a theme to fit every personality.

Have fun expressing yourself, and don’t be afraid to switch things up. One of the best parts of designing a home is taking your time to find the perfect pieces that reflect your personal style.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Color!

harvest yellow throw blanket on a white background

Don’t be afraid to use color to express your unique taste and style. Paint is relatively affordable and easy to change. Adding an accent wall or new color is one of the easiest ways to switch things up in your home.

Or, you can always go with neutral paint colors and makes statements with color in your accessories. (This might be the way to go if you change your mind often or pick out different color palates depending on the season.)

If you get bored quickly or like to make updates regularly, keep your paint in neutral color palettes. You can then change out pillows, add a throw blanket, or update accessories to add pops of color and make a room feel like it’s been given a makeover. 

Put Your Collections on Center Stage!

Is there anything you’ve been collecting for a long time? Whether it’s a book collection, teacups, or glassware, an easy way to give your home a cozy feeling is to display the things you love.

You can even get clever and display your favorite things in unique ways. Frame postcards or copies of Grandma’s handwritten recipes and hang them as art. Floating shelves are easy to install, or you can create displays in a lit cabinet.

Give Your Travel Memories a Special Place in Your Home

Whether you love to travel the globe or have a favorite vacation spot you return to year after year, I bet you have memorabilia and trinkets from your trips. These items can be great conversation starters as well as happy reminders of the places your family has been.

Finding a place to keep these items front and center will make your house feel like an extension of your vacation any time of year.

Celebrate your family

Family photos are an essential part of a cozy home. Hanging drawings on the fridge or special art projects in the living room are more ways to make a space feel cozy and lived in.

You can also personalize your home by displaying family heirlooms or trophies from sports and other activities. All of these things bring character and add a unique flavor to your home, making it a true reflection of the things you love most.

Simple Ways to Get Started

overhead view of a vase with white roses on a table with a glass of wine and a basket of magazines

Are you not sure where to start?

The easiest way to get started is to think about what’s missing from your home that would make you feel like you are in a cozy space. Here are some quick tricks that require minimal effort and make a huge difference.

Good Lighting

  • Make sure your home has plenty of warm lighting. Pick out floor lamps or table lamps that reflect your personal style. Add them to any areas of your home that feel too dark.
  • Candles, string lights, and fairy lights are also a good idea if you want to add an extra warm glow to a space but don’t need additional light fixtures.
  • Letting natural light in is also essential. If you’re not getting enough, it might be time to update your window treatments

Accessories That Add Extra Warmth to Any Room

  • Throw pillows (accent pillows)
  • Soft blankets
  • Anything faux fur (but only if you love it!) – THIS blanket is not only gorgeous but so cozy to snuggle up in!
  • Warm metals or gold accents
  • Anything made from natural elements
  • Soft rugs
  • Area rugs

Living Things

  • Adding a vase of fresh flowers or indoor plants is one of my favorite ways to give a room a feeling of coziness.
  • If you can’t keep anything alive or can’t always make it to the store to pick up flowers, don’t worry. There are many realistic faux plants on the market that work just as well!

A Home Environment That Creates Warm Feelings

throw pillows and folded blankets on a white coach

Your home should be a living, breathing reflection of what you and your family love the most.

When you use decor that speaks to your style and showcases the things that matter most to you, you’ll automatically create intimate spaces that feel cozier.

Not only will you begin to enjoy coming home after a long day, but your guests will also pick up on the cozy vibe when they visit.

More Ideas for Creating a Cozy Home

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  1. This is so helpful! It is so encouraging to get in the mood for the cold weather to settle in!

  2. Thanks for sharing! The right lighting makes such a big difference for energy in the winter!

  3. A cozy home starts with a clean, fresh-smelling environment. If you don’t care enough about your home to clean it, all the candles and soft throws in the world won’t make it cozy! Next, clutter creates stress and discomfort. Get rid of it! After these steps, you can start adding tasteful accessories that are pleasant to look at and and that make you happy.

  4. Irene Madrid says:

    I just finished remodeling/redecorating my French Normandy home….in my fav pinks, teals and whites. Every room got new wallpaper, furniture….and following my intuition, it turned out very eclectic and I get raves about my French glam cottage coastal look. Wish my iPhone could send proper size photos……romantic,cosy and now I am entertaining so much more.Velvet comforters in every room. My contractor wants my house,lol

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