The Three Problems You Need to Solve to Have a Cozy Home

If your home isn’t feeling as cozy as you’d like, you can usually solve the problem by addressing how clean and organized it is, along with your choice in décor. It’s so easy to make your home feel calm and cozy when you assess these areas.

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Regardless of their size or the number of people who live there, cozy homes are usually:

  • Clean
  • Organized
  • Attractive

These common threads contribute to a home’s overall sense of peace and coziness.  Most of the time, when a home doesn’t feel cozy, you can usually find the problem in one of those three areas.

Clean Homes Feel Cozier

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If there’s one thing that’s for sure, houses do not clean themselves!  The stage of life you’re in will determine how easy or difficult it’s going to be to stay on top of a regular cleaning schedule. 

When you’ve got a full-time job and kids’ schedules to wrangle in the evening, some days, it may feel like you barely have enough time to keep your family in clean clothes. 

On those days, it’s okay to let things slide, but, in general, if you can keep up with a regular cleaning schedule, your house will feel more cozy because of it.

Try to assess and solve the most common clutter hot spots in your house and tackle them regularly. Cleaning the kitchen every night after dinner or designating a specific day for laundry will help you create habits that will make keeping your home clean easier and less overwhelming. Stick to these habits, and make sure to have your family pitch in, too. A cozy home is a team effort!

Homes That Are Organized Feel the Coziest

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When you organize your home, it functions better than when it’s in disarray.  Having a place for everything (or at least MOST things) helps maintain order.

If your home doesn’t have a good organizational system in place, it can quickly begin to look cluttered.  Plus, it can be hard to find or do things easily because too much stuff is in the way.

Solving organizational problems in your home can be as easy as purchasing area-specific organizers to as in-depth as hiring a professional.  Whichever path you choose, there are plenty of ways to get organized and create a cozy home.

Taking care of the organizational issues in your home can be very rewarding.  Finding solutions to make your home more efficient can literally change the feel of your house.

Cozy Homes Are Attractive

3 decorative show pillows on a couch in a living room

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.  Everyone has their own idea of what an attractive and cozy home looks like.

A home that feels pretty and comfortable to the people who actually live there is what matters the most.  Whether it’s the colors on your walls, the rugs on your floor, the accent pieces you choose to decorate with, having a home that reflects your style is what is going to make your home feel cozy to YOU.

Solving any décor problems you have should be fun, AND you should keep it simple. You can decide to decorate on a dime or go all out and hire an interior designer to give your home a complete makeover.  Either way, the point is to make sure your home reflects your own style; otherwise, you’ll never truly feel cozy and comfortable there.

In addition, invite your kids and spouse to choose items that speak to them and make them feel at home.  Everyone who lives in a house should feel like they are impacting how it looks, especially in their personal spaces like their bedroom.

In Conclusion

Remember that cozy homes tend to have three things in common.  They are clean, organized, and reflect the personal style of the people who live there. 

If your home isn’t feeling as cozy as you’d like, I recommend you check out this post on the 6 Steps to Turn Your House into a Cozy Space You’ll Love.  Once you follow the assessment outlined in the post, you’ll identify the specific issues you need to solve.  And, once you do, your experience more peace and calm in your home!

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